Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to browse the few resources that are available.

As time goes by, more content may be added. Take the poll on my About page, get free stuff, study on-line for free, be my guest. Over time, I may share more of my relationship with God, some of my own difficulties, so that you can see that also I am deemed perfect through His mercy and grace, but that my ways are far from actually being perfect.

I became reborn on February 10, 1985 and I still struggle with bad habits and mannerisms. At the same time, I can write volumes on the goodness of a gentle, loving Creator who looks beyond my inequities and, instead, accept me as (dirty) as I am. As He has a way of cleaning me up, surely!

And if a terrible sinner like myself gets saved,  anyone can.

As I have said: be my guest, chill out, relax, find peace here, also share your prayer request with me. Prayer is a powerful force. Do not underestimate the enormous energy released when we speak out in Faith.

While Christians are obviously welcome, this invitation is open to anybody else, especially people from other beliefs who are getting confused by the “freaky” world of Christianity and a God perceived to be violent and cruel. New perspectives on that may set your mind at peace.

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